Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alyonka by Orfee Swerts, Halen, Belgium.


Envelope created by Orfee Swerts, Halen, Belgium.

Horror is one of Orfee's favourite themes in mail art - strange creatures, monsters, etc... Alyonka can be easily imagined as a main character of a horror film, can't she?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Soul of Russia. Envelope created by Pati Bristow, Los Altos, CA, USA. Below you can see artist trading cards the envelope contained. It's worth visiting Pati's blog to view wonderful pieces of mail art!


Pati Bristow, Los Altos, CA, USA.

Reverse and front side of ATC # 1.


Pati Bristow, Los Altos, CA, USA.

Reverse and front side of ATC # 2.

Monday, March 26, 2007


This little post card (front side and reverse) was created by Haje Holmstrom, Vasterhankmo, Finland.

It is the second Alyonka contribution of this mail artist. The first Alyonka artwork of Haje was even smaller:


Early to MAIL, early to ART makes a man happy, joyful and smart! This card is my contribution to "Doctor Mail Art Recommends" project initiated by Peter Netmail, Minden, Germany.


Envelope sent to Isa van Ooijen, Pijnaker, the Netherlands. The drawing was created together with my 7-year-old son Platon and became the contribution to "Never Too Young For Mail Art" project.


Documentation from Canadian mail art project "Evil and Shadow in Fairytales" on CD received from Gail D. Whitter. Contributions to the new global project of Gail - "The Parade of Animals" - are posted at


Envelope of the letter received recently from mail artist Sergey Bushkov, Omolon, Bilibinsky region of Chukotka, Russia.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Reverse and face of the card created by Servane Morel, Brussels, Belgium.


Decentralized Networking Congress in Saint Petersburg. Envelope of the letter received from Juri Gik, Pushkino, Russia.


Ukrainian mail art call received from Juri Gik, the consultant of this project.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alyonka Mail Art Show in the National Library

Coordinator of International mail art project "Alyonka" Ivan Zemtsov presents the final exhibition in the National Library of Mari El Republic (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia) and first contributions to his new project:


Back side of the envelope created by Willy Melnikov and sent from Moscow.

Front side of the envelope received from mail artist and linguist Willy Melnikov, Moscow.


Mail artwork on the envelope from Steven Renald, Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada.

Envelope of the letter received recently from Pinky, Chartres, France.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


New Year and Christmas post card from mail artist Denis Charmot, Marnaz, France.

Friday, March 09, 2007


This envelope came from Susanna Lakner, Stuttgart, Germany. Recently it was shown on TV in a short video about "Alyonka" mail art exhibition which moved from the Republican Museum of Fine Arts to the National Library of Mari El Rebublic:


Mail art on the card by Susanna Lakner, Stuttgart, Germany.

Alyonka Forever. Artistamps by Susanna Lakner.

Susanna's new artistbook project is "Travellers and Tourists". If you know the difference and if you can explain it with the help of mail art send her 24 signed and numbered pages on this theme. Size: A5 (14,8 x 21cm). Leave 1 cm on the longest side for binding. Bound collection will be sent to every artists! Deadline: 31 December 2007.

Planet Susannia / Susanna Lakner
Gräfin-Von-Linden-Weg 24
70569 Stuttgart Germany


The Hard Childhood of Ivan and Red October Ahead.

This card was created by Tatiana Makarova (Matata), citizen of Nizhnekamsk and Pereslavl Zalessky, Russia. Tatiana made it from Alyonka cake box.


Envelope by Tatiana Makarova (Matata) sent from Pereslavl Zalessky, Russia.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


New Year Tree. Origami mail art created by Sorrow Sun, Moscow.


Drawing on the envelope sent to French mail artist Pascale Championnet with Alyonka show documentation.

Monday, March 05, 2007


The Eyes of the Alyonka-Girl Are Watching the Children of Africa (Ivory Coast) Who Pick for Us the Cocoa Beans (New Slaves Crying).

Ink and pen drawing by Rael Mail, the Netherlands.


The reverce of Rael's drawing deserves special attention.


Envelope designed with pen and ink by Rael Mail, The Netherlands. I googled for Rael's name and found one more example of his (her?) artworks on envelopes at - It was amazing to compare and to see the great difference between this envelope and the one received by Kiyotei in 2005 or earlier.


Nowhere Is Home. Some Rocketman drawings by Rael Mail on backside his envelope.


Recently I received an envelope from Tokio containing three 10 x 15 cards by Keiichi Nakamura. This is one of them.


Keiichi Nakamura, Tokio, Japan.

Post card # 2.


Keiichi Nakamura, Tokio, Japan.

Post card # 3.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Bicycle-Woman. This post card was sent to Valery Shimanovsky in order to show him my first real (perforated!) artistamp.


Last month I issued 20 lists of "Bicyclelution" stamps. Half of them has been already sent to mail artists all over the world.


Bicyclelution. My first perforated artistamp.


A month ago this drawing on the envelope (made with color pencils and Indian ink) was sent to Italy as a contribution to "The Bicycle" mail art project.


Invitation to participate in "The Bicycle" mail art project.

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