Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sweet Dreams of Shar-Pei. Collaged envelope of the letter sent yesterday to Denis Charmot, Marnaz, France.

This is what Denis will find in the envelope if nothing happens to the letter on its way to France.

Forgive me, the day before yesterday I have forgotten to post Mark Hammond's photograph received with the second invitation to participate in his Nothing Man project ( Here it is.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mail art by Aigul Akhmetshina, Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

Both sides of the envelope received from Mark Hammond, Kanazawa, Japan.

Mark Hammond's contribution to Alyonka project. Front side and reverse.

Mark Hammond's new invitation to participate in his Nothing Man project.

Burial of Nothing Man by Ivan Zemtsov, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

You Light Up My Life. Printed mail art by Denise Hunley, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This sack seems to be full of Alyonkas. The third contribution to the project from Marina Emelyanova, Yaroslavl, Russia.

With this photograph Marina Emelyanova sent me Tatyana Makarova's best regards from Yaroslavl. Nowadays both artists live and work there.

Big Hand of Alyonka. Big envelope from big mail artist Tatyana Makarova, Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

I don't know why but I like very much this envelope by Alexander Tupitsin, Sergiev Posad, Russia.

Everything Is Mine Here! Stamp artwork by Konstantin Malakhov, nowadays citizen of Sergiev Posad, Russia.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mail art received from Moscow. Created by Rusforma creative group.

One more collage by the same creators.

Lenin and Children. The author of this mail art - Edward Kulemin - is a famous poet living in Smolensk, Russia.

In memoriam to Che Guevara. Created by Edward Kulemin.

No title. But we can call this card "Fire Tongue".

ChocolaDADA. One more contribution by Edward Kulemin, Smolensk, Russia.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Unfinished self-portrait by Belgian mail artist G.D.P. famous for his Share Your Wisdom mail art project. Received a month ago.

Recently I managed to finish only a part of G.D.P.'s self-portrait. Nowadays it is on its way to Belgium.

Envelope received from Lilia Gabitova, citizen of Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

This card is one more contribution of Lilia Gabitova to Alyonka Project.

Friday, July 14, 2006

On the US Independence Day (July 4) I came to the post office and found 26 cards in my box! The cards were created and sent by the pupils of The Roeper School, Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA.

Three days later I received two more cards from the same school.

One more card created by 9-year-old Jon came in a week.

Thank you for your participation, dear young mail artists! All your cards will be exhibited in October in Yoshkar-Ola Museum of Fine Arts. No doubt, Russian children will appreciate them!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A new participant of Alyonka project appeared in Yaroslavl, Russia. Her name is Marina Emelyanova.

Another mail artwork by professional artist Marina Emelyanova.

Mail art received from Olga Sorokina, Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

Front side and reverce of an envelope. Received recently from Frips, Gent, Belgium.

Original stamps received from Frips. Two of them (center) were created by Pig Dada.

This mail art of Sorrow Sun from Moscow was named "Spring Mood".

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In May 2006 two members of Nizhnekamsk creative group SHIrMA - Tatyana Makarova and Valery Simanovsky - visited Yoshkar-Ola with "RAcourse" exhibition. Of course, they couldn't help using the opportunity to sent mail artworks from Yoshkar-Ola.

The girls at Post Office 37 are used to deal with mail art. It doesn't shock them at all.

The postal girl is receiving mail artwork from Valery Shimanovsky.

Next day Valery Shimanovsky created and sent one more mail art.

Tatyana Makarova is happy. She had tried to send some of her "crazy" letters from Nizhnekamsk, but failed. She managed to do it in Yoshkar-Ola!

Valery Shimanovsky is buying stamps at Yoshkar-Ola Central Post Office.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Denis Charmot is becoming the most famous mail artist in the Mari Republic of Russia. Yesterday a new story about him (illustrated by his card) appeared in The Mariyskaya Pravda, the main regional newspaper.

Skirted Alyonkas collaged for Brutus.

This Alyonka icon was created by Artia Saurus, France.

I don't like to play or to watch football. But I couldn't help making a mail art devoted to the World Football Championship.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Received last Saturday from Brutus, Belgium. It has taken 40 days for this letter to cover the distance from Boutersem to Yoshkar-Ola.

Brutus created the whole book dedicated to Alyonka. But the plot of this story is not very funny.

Pages 2-3. By the way, Brutus has his own mail art project that is called "Skirted Ladies".

Pages 4-5. I strongly recommend visiting to view artworks created and received by Brutus.

Pages 6-7. Besides, you may visit one more blog ( containing all contributions to Brutus mail art collection.

Pages 8-9. For Brutus I've already collaged an envelope with two beautiful skirted Alyonkas. In will be sent tomorrow.

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