Thursday, June 22, 2006

Post card received from Teo Ajder, a member of MOJARO creative group (, Warsaw, Poland.

HI! THE POSTCARD HAD AN INTERESTING HISTORY.Originally it had only the stamp with the light house, i post it, and in 2 days it came back into my mailbox. I realized that the address lacked any numbers. I copied it from the left side of your blog, failing to notice the full address above. I wrote the postal cod and p.b.. And i took it to the post office again, and complained about it. They told me that probably it happened because i addedd the airmail sticker, and the tax is a little biger for air mail. So i had to pay another Zloty. Neverhteless the post office lady was very polite and she accepted the postcard for the second time.
This didn't happen with another postcard, (with no mistakes whatsoever in the address), i send to Nelly Vranceau (i posted it on the site too). After it came back to my mail box, the post office lady, another one, won't regoize their mistake and won't accept it again! I had to send it in an envelope...
Alyonka was much luckier!
Have a nice show!
Teo AJder
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