Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear "Alyonka" participants and visitors of this blog!

I have been on vacation since September 11, but I've been working hard by now making artworks ready for the exhibition. The show will be opened on October 9 as it was planned. The poster is already designed and ordered at the print shop (you can see it below).

Tomorrow my wife Valentine and I will leave Yoshkar-Ola for Rostov-na-Donu (big city in the South of Russia) to visit our relatives. We'll come back in a week. As soon as we return I'll post new works recently received from Domenico Severino, Gaetano Vicari and Emilio Morandi (Italy), Carlos Botana (Spain), Keith Bates (Great Britain), Lezbag and Greg Byrd (USA), Angel Bortot (Venezuela), Gisela Pizzatto (Brasil).

I'm sure new works will arrive by that time. Sooner or later you'll see them on this blog as well as the pictures from the opening ceremony. Thanks a lot for your Alyonka contributions!

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