Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello and best wishes to all!

I'm very happy to announce that yesterday at 3 p.m. the First International Mail Art Exhibition in Mari El Republic was opened in Yoshkar-Ola Museum of Fine Arts! Artworks sent to Yoshkar-Ola by more than one hundred and twenty artists from twenty-four different countries were presented to public!

I won't say it was great success. Usually art exhibitions attract not so many people as the concerts of pop stars or new Hollywood films. But during the whole day people were coming to the museum! More than sixty schoolchildren and students took part in three master classes held by Olga Sorokina, Tatiana Makarova and Valery Shimanovsky. On the ground floor of the museum an official post office was opened to sell stamps and to receive mail art letters. Every invited person had an opportunity to send a special Alyonka post card directly from the museum and to take a booklet with the list of Alyonka participants. For the opening ceremony I put on an Alyonka t-shirt designed and sent by Denis Charmot.

Very soon I'll post on the blog some photos illustrating the above-mentioned events as well as some recently received artworks. Sooner of later every participant of the project will receive my letter with the poster and the booklet. I hope articles about the exhibition will appear in newspapers. The general catalogue of Alyonka contributions on CD will put the final point in this project (if no other ideas occupy my mind by that time).

I am very thankful to Denis Charmot who told me about the discussion around Alyonka project on MAILART.ORG site (http://www.mailart.org/archives/542). I don't think I would visit any mail art sites within the few days between my return to Yoshkar-Ola and the opening of Alyonka mail art show. I was too busy to do it, as at that time I had to arrange many things - exposition, printed stuff and special stamp (see them below), negotiations with sponsors, information for mass media, etc. Nevertheless I visited the site and translated the content of the discussion for Valery, Olga and Tatyana.

Today Olga, Tatiana and Valery left Yoshkar-Ola for Nizhnekamsk. I'm very thankful to them for this visit and their support, for their interest in mail art. The day after tomorrow my wife Valentine and I will go to Nizhnekamsk and Yelabuga. We shall return on Sunday and I'll continue posting artworks and photos on this blog.

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