Saturday, August 11, 2007


Dear mail art friends! I have been traveling together with my wife Valentina since July 28. Yesterday we came back to Yoshkar-Ola. During this amazing and unforgettable trip we visited such beautiful Russian cities as Pereslavl-Zalessry, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Kstovo and Cheboksari. We met mail artists Tatyana Makarova (Pereslavl-Zalessky) and Alex Nasekin (Cheboksari). Valentina had an opportunity to see her sister Elena Kydryashova (Kstovo). As I'm still on vacation, next week I'll have time to post some photos from this trip.

Today I came to the post office to check my p. o. box. This is what I found there! More than twenty nice envelops and cards! I'm afraid, it will take some time to register all the sendings, to open the envelopes, to read the letters, to scan the artworks. But be sure that sooner or later all of them will appear on Alyonka or/and Sputnik blogs. Today I just would like to thank you! Have a nice and fruitful weekend!

Hi Ivan,

We are waiting for your artwork here in Venezuela, for "I Bienal del pequeño formato - Venezuela"

Exhibition to all
No jury
Catalogue to all
No return
Max. size postcard (10,5 x 15 cm)
Free Technique
Deadline: Dec 31st. 2007

send to:

Luis Valera Escarre y Annijames Rivero
"I Bienal del pequeño formato - Venezuela"
Apartado postal 54
zona postal 2101-A
Maracay - Venezuela

the on-line exhibition:

show: March - April 2008

send to your friends!

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