Thursday, May 08, 2008


Add&return card - front side and reverse - finished and sent back to Pierpaolo Limongelli as a contribution to his "Macoal" project (

Hi Ivan! Still no entries from Russia! Maybe you can spread the word, dear friend:

You are invited to participate in an International Bookmarker Art show.

The Plainsboro Library of Plainsboro , New Jersey , USA , is sponsoring an arts festival called Cultural Crossroads.
We are asking mail artists from around the world to submit a decorated bookmarker (or two!)
to help us celebrate the connection and community that mail artists create by sharing their work.
as they are inspired by your amazing creative addition. Lots of children from our very diverse community
will both see your work, and create their own at our festival.
We are thrilled to be building bridges of connection from all over the world to our corner here in Central New Jersey .

Since this theme of Cultural Crossroads represents diversity, we are especially delighted
to have an international representation in this bookmarker show.

Please decorate a white bookmarker in any way you would like – drawing or painting, collage, words, or whatever moves you.
If you like, you can incorporate our theme of "Cultural Crossroads".

Please mail back the bookmark (no later than June 1, 2008) to:

Cultural Crossroads Bookmarkers
c/o Emily Townsend/Artstation
148 Monmouth Street
Hightstown , NJ 08520
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